I find my self in a constant exploration of reclaiming the sense of wonder that we tend to loose with the passing of the early years reaching adulthood; in consequence my pieces are becoming resilient objects and images of reflection, of memories related to my own journey in life within a space and time, triggering the sense of wonder in the viewer’s mind. It is the experience that opens an invitation to revisit their own journeys of life through familiar sounds, images, spaces, overlooked materials and objects arranged to become installation. When it comes to my process I use tools such as art history research, observation, sound, video, plaster casting, found objects, technology and documentation; collected objects are displayed in an unconscious manner, which at the end are arranged as an archival prototype or as result of a ritualistic practice; the vessel has been the main form representing the conceptual base of my work and a space for me to recreate and wonder about the cycle of life.
My intention as a working artist is allowing the viewer to rediscover the wonders in nature filtered throughout the immersive experiences that I create with ephemeral poetic art installations for the mind to wonder about.