“Erasing Drawings”,  collaboration with Florida born artist Kim Heise.

Inspired by The Sacred Family Cathedral in Barcelona, Spain, designed by Spanish architect, Antonio Gaudi within the concept of using nature as his muse; artist Ingrid Barreneche in collaboration with artist Will Landis used the Florida Landscape to recreate some structural patterns of The Sacred Family Cathedral and inspire Barreneches’s idea of building a “ cathedral “ to honor women that are vessels of life. The Vessel as the place where life begins and ends; it is the cycle of nature and a journey that we all, as living creatures, are part of. The Vessel encompasses two metaphors of symbolism; living and dying every day at the same time, while simultaneously asking the viewer to revisit their own Vessel and wonder within their own realm.

“The Mending Tree", collaboration installation in different venues through “Viridis Art Collective”, of which Ingrid Barreneche is a member.